You may be seeking couples counselling because your marriage is in crisis, or you may feel "stuck" as a couple and want to try something different to improve things.

All long-term relationships have unique challenges that can feel insurmountable. Through counselling, you can begin to recognize where these challenges or frustrations began and how they developed. You can also learn concrete skills and tools that can break the frustrating patterns you and your partner feel stuck in.

By communicating in new ways, you can restore and deepen the connection between you.

My work with couples is psychodynamic in orientation and integrated with practices drawn from Imago Therapy.

Couples see counsellors for many different reasons like:

   Frequent bickering

   Breakdown in communication

   Feeling taken for granted and not valued

   Not enjoying time together

   Disagreeing about important goals and values

   Damaged trust or jealousy

   Less sexual intimacy

   Challenges with parenting

   Difficulties with the stress of work and family

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